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G/M Certification and Calibration
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Information of calibration work

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 introduction of calibration work

Information of calibration work
May 2005 obtained Certificate of Approval as
Approved area International licensed calibration organization
Object of calibration
  • Fluid flow
  • Gaseous mass flowmeter, Gaseous capacity flowmeter, Gaseous turbine flowmeter, Gaseous area flowmeter
Scope of calibration 0.006 ㎥/h ~ 2.500 ㎥/h
Picture of Certificate of Approval

Definition of calibration

It is a series of operations which established the relation between the value of amount measured by a measuring instrument or measuring system under specified conditions or the value indicated by a measured material or standard material and the indicating value of relevant measured amount.  All measuring equipments used for calibration work use measuring standards which are retrospective to national measuring standards.

Need for calibration

  • Deletion of foreign test/examination through mutual acknowledgement of calibration report among nations. Maintenance of retrospectiveness of national standards and Secure of reliability for test report