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 G/M Cerfitication and Calibration
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Sonic nozzle calibrating system

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 It is a system which calibrates by controlling the pressure of entrace of14 sonic nozzles that are used and combined with sonic nozzle banks which used the principle of sonic nozzle, or determining the flow rate in the sonic nozzles to the size of hole.


  • Nozzle bank : 2EA
  • Nozzle: 14EA (caliber 0.1mm~6.1mm)
  • Pressure gauge: 2EA (first and latter half of Nozzle)
  • Industrial resistance thermometer: 2EA (Nozzle and flowmeter)


  • :Scope of calibration: 0.006 m3/h~250 m3/h
  • System uncertainty: 0.24%
  • -High efficiency and reproduction level


Calibration of gaseous flowmeter (capacity, area, mass flowmeter)