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G/M Cerfitication and Calibration
  • information of calibration work
  • Ability of calibration
  • Flow chart of calibration
  • Sonic nozzle calibrating system
  • Mass calibrating system
  • Bell prover calibrating system
  • Gas volume conversion equipment calibrating system
  • Industrial diaphram sonic nozzle calibrating system
  • G/M certification and calibration
  • Sonic nozzle automatic testing system

Bell prover calibrating system

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 It is a system which compares the measured value by using the volume (area x migration distance) inside the bell and the measured value of flowmeter which is the object of calibration.


  • Bell prover: 1EA
  • Linear scale: 1EA
  • Pressure gauge: 2EA (standard instrument and flowmeter)
  • Industrial resistance thermometer: 2EA (standard instrument and flowmeter)


  • Scope of calibration : 0.016 ㎥/h ~ 10 ㎥/h
  • System uncertainty : 0.3%
  • High efficiency and reproduction level


Calibration of gaseous capacity flowmeter (Diaphram gas meter, wet gas meter)