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G/M Cerfitication and Calibration
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  • Ability of calibration
  • Flow chart of calibration
  • Sonic nozzle calibrating system
  • Mass calibrating system
  • Bell prover calibrating system
  • Gas volume conversion equipment calibrating system
  • Industrial diaphram sonic nozzle calibrating system
  • G/M certification and calibration
  • Sonic nozzle automatic testing system

Sonic nozzle automatic testing system

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It was awarded a ministerial commendation of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in the measuring sector in the 34th Precise Technology Promotion Competition (3 Nov 2004). Automatic gas meter testing equipment by using sonic nozzle which was developed jointly with Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science for the first time in the country


It measures the volume of gas after measuring the flow rate of mass by the congested temperature and pressure of the upper part of sonic nozzle.


  • Automatic pressure controlling function
  • Leakage test of gas meter and Input signals such as idling, differential pressure, and pulse are performed by computer in advance.
  • Automatic measuring of flow


Automatic train testing equipment of household/industrial gas meters

  • Small train testing equipment : 0.016㎥/h ~ 10㎥/h
  • Middle-sized and large train testing equipment : 0.1㎥/h ~ 160㎥/h