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  • Electronic display for AMR is equipped Gas Meter.
  • Enable to read accurate flow rate via mechanical index when electronic display has error.
  • A back-run stop prevents the meter from running backwards.
  • Use low-power and high-speed operating microprocessor on electronic display.
  • To replace gas meter after expiration of verification firstly need to separate DIGILOG Ass’y from gasmeter. And then reassemble both devices.
  • Output Signal for AMR (DC-PLC, RS-485, TTL, Pulse: Open Collector, etc. / Option)
  • It doesn’t need to set up when DIGILOG gas meter connects to AMR device.
  • All-in-one system of reed switch and electronic display makes it easy to maintain.


  • Display quantity of flow and low battery
  • Display pulse inputo
  • Indicate DATA communication
  • Instantaneous flow rate (Option)
  • Operational time (Option)
  • Velocity of Communication (Option)
  • Software Version (Option)


  • Gas Meter : Same as mechanical type
  • DIGILOG Ass’y
    • Main Power: DC-PLC (DC12V) Auxiliary Power : DC3.6V(Lithium Battery)
    • Max. Display : 99999.99㎥
    • min. Display : 0.01m3 (10ℓ)
    • Input Signal : LF(0.01㎥/Pulse)
    • Output Signal : Every signal for AMR / Option (DC-PLC, RS-485, TTL, PULSE, etc. )
    • Temperature Range : -20℃ ~ 60℃

Operating Principle

  • Gas Meter
    • Regulating gas is flowing into the entrance. And Gas is flowing into the measuring unit via the distribution chamber and circulation of valve.
    • By generating of differential gas pressure diaphragms are moving and it makes power to circulate valve. And then gas goes out via outlet. In the meantime, totalizer accumulate quantity of flow.
  • DIGILOG Ass’y
    • Mechanical index available with a permanent magnet in an index drum. Can be retrofitted with a low frequency pulse transmitter. (1rev. / 1Pulse)
    • Integrate quantity of flow per 1 pulse and display it through LCD monitor.
    • Can output information of quantity to AMR devices. (DC-PLC, Pulse, etc.)

Specification of Gas meter

Specification of Gas meter
Model DIGILOG 1.6 (G1.6) DIGILOG 2.5 (G2.5) DIGILOG 4 (G4)
Type Approval H-04-01 H-05-12 H-06-01
Qmax(㎥/h) 2.5 4.0 6.0
Qmin(㎥/h) 0.016 0.025 0.04
Pulse output 10l/imp
Pmáx(kPa) 10
Cyclic Volume(d㎥) 0.7 1.2 1.2
Display(㎥) 9999 99999 99999
Weight(kg) 1.5 1.8 1.95
Temperature Range -20℃ ~ +60℃
Distance 130mm
Connection M34 x 1.5

Specification of DIGILOG Ass’y

1. Way to Display
Digital display can present various icons as well as 8-digits numbers include below decimal point

How to Read DIGILOG

  • Every 10L(0.01㎥) blink pulse input icon( ) and first position of LCD count “1”.
  • Number of index drum of mechanical index is not shown.
    EX) Mechanical Index of Gas Meter : 123.456㎥ => LCD monitor : 123.45㎥
2. Infomation of Icon
Infomation of Icon
Icon Signification Note
Power Normal : Turn-On
Low Power : Blink
Pulse input 1blink per 1pulse
Unit of Volume on LCD
DATA Transmission Transmission

Product Size(Unit : mm)

Product Size(Unit : mm)
Product Size
Classification DIGILOG
A 131
B 114.75
C 89
D 38.9
Dimensions of Gas Meter are divided from A to G items.
Product Size
Model A B C D E F G
G1.6 164.0 211.5 65.0 49.3 77.25 142.75 130.0
G2.5 225.0 74.0 54.25 79.75 750.2
G4 240.55 82.05 152.5